“Reed has an entrepreneurial skill set which is vital to our operation and he is also highly relational in his interface with clients, donors, staff and children.  He was able to resource our international work with finances generated through his business associations.”

Ralph Bromley, President
Hope for the Nations

“His love for God and his care for people are reflected in all he did at Gateway.  I recommend him for your consideration in any capacity that will allow the expression of people skills, his heart of global ministry, as well as, a connection with business minded people.  Reed is a man of character with a deep love for God and a desire to help people.  His strong people skills and heart of service will make him an asset to your organization.”

Tom Lane, Executive Senior Pastor
Gateway Church

“The excellent work you have done along the lines of cross-functional programs, project management, and business process engineering have had a solid impact on our company’s ability to fully address the needs of our customers.”

Jim Kenney, President and CEO, Sephora.Com