Sometimes, we don’t set out to do things differently, but life just happens. My unusual journey over the past 60 years has taken me down a winding path of entrepreneurial ventures and business startups, as well as pastoral work, non-profit administration and sustainable global ministry ventures. These diverse experiences have forged me into a different man than I envisioned early on. The perspectives gained have been hard won and many are still being worked out in real life. My desire is that you will find something here to help you in your own unique journey.

This is the place where you can check out my core life messages on business, ministry, life and manhood. I’m an adventurer who has tried to walk the ancient pathway of a Christ-follower, with both amazing success and horrific failure. You’ll find that I’m candid, but don’t expect me to dwell in the past.  My story is one of becoming a joyful man, of finding the deepest of friendships and also of becoming a man marked by the presence of God.

If you find something helpful on this website and feel that I can help you in your own business or ministry journey, please reach out to me in the contact section. While active in business, I do maintain some bandwidth for personal ministry and consulting.  One of my greatest joys is public speaking for all types of organizations who want to invest in the health of their teams and constituents.

Thank you for your interest in my journey. Welcome to the adventure.