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Sample Image Galleries:

The galleries are super easy to move from this page over to Connect and Hangout. Main work goes into working up the gallery itself. This page is for a quick view, during development, of emerging content.

Utopia Sample. Autoload slideshow on image click.  6 second pause between slides.  Runs full screen with slideshow controls enabled. Sleek layout format.  Suppressing thumbnails.

Cooking for Friends.

What I am finding is that the product works well but there are lots of technical settings.  It is the kind of software that takes a while to figure out which combination of settings seems to work well across all devices.  This skill set often comes with more experience than I have with this type of software.  Visually pleasing images can be comprised of a blend of image sizes (in pixels) coordinating with several settings.  The web folks who do this all the time have spent many days tinkering with the various settings and they know how to create images, in anticipation of certain settings, that will look good.  I will be able to get it “decent looking” but I can see deficiencies across various devices.  Aesthetics and visual balance sometimes will be lacking until additional experience is working the settings.

Notice, for instance, a slight vertical stretching in the gallery images that follow.  I don’t know if that is due to the web software or the tendered image size (from Photoshop) or other factors.

When you click on a gallery it will bring you into full screen mode (Lightbox Mode).  In this mode, the images will look better.



Albums.  Here we invoke the Album feature.  One or more Galleries  can appear in an Album.  If it was a travel album, one might have a West Coast Gallery and an East Coast Gallery.  Albums are nice as they keep the web page tidy.  However, the gallery (multiple images visible) provides a rapid overview of content. Both methods are used on websites.  More art than science somedays – what looks best and feels right.  Each Gallery Sample (Utopia, Friends) is comprised of 5 pictures each.  The Album shown has two galleries (Utopia, Friends) that it contains and manages.


Software Manufacturer Demo.  This takes some head-scratching and reading but you can do some very interesting things.  I am only into it for a few hours (hint – greenhorn capability level). For some samples once a person knows the ropes, click here