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Do you have one or more picture(s) that ties this all together? I just grabbed one off the web (I don’t know about copyright on this image).

I threw some sample text together here.  Keep, amend or replace with your own words as you see fit.

Men. Who we are as men defines our capacity, ability and skills in loving and being loved. Rightly understood, our manhood also defines our ability to be a true friend first to God and then to others.  In relationship, such as between husband and wife or within courtship, our manhood sets the stage for relational success or failure.  I want, first and foremost, to be a godly man growing in grace and maturity.  When a man is truly in the presence of God, a true love and friendship will naturally spring forth from him.

Get these things right and a man is full of JOY!

Missions.  Missions doesn’t just mean heading over to Africa.  While it may mean overseas trips for some of us – myself included – in my life, missions embraces those in need around us.  This includes family and friends going through challenges in life.  Suffering within homes in our community – single women without means, the elderly without adequate rent money and food or those without work – all participate in my definition of a mission field.  Charitable and philanthropic endeavor are part of missions.  Missions are central to a Christ-centered life:  He sent His Son to die for us and God the Father has been reaching out in a Mission-minded fashion since the beginning of time.

Marketplace.  Marketplace is the fuel for the needs implied in Men and Missions. Cars without gas don’t go anywhere. Our immediate and extended family has needs, and as men we are called to assist our family units as best we can.  Financial capacity of men varies depending on their walk and calling in life.  Whether a quiet and humble job or mighty in the marketplace,  capacity to help others is a rich gift into our manhood – it is more blessed to give than receive.